USB Finger Dance Mat

Posted on Oct 11 2008 - 9:03am by David Gray

product_thumb.php.jpgCheck out this cute little USB Finger Dance Mat which will help you pass away the time as you wait for that all important email, want a break from the computer or just want to let you hands do the walking and talking!

Based on the ever popular dance mat craze which has swept the globe this is a miniature workout for your fingers and you will soon see that it is rather addictive. Simply plug it into one of your USB sockets, slip your fingers through the hole and select which game you want to play. As with the traditional dance mat game you get more points if you are able to press to the beat and catch one of the arrows while it is illuminated.

On a more serious note it would be interesting to see if the USB Finger Dance Mat actually helps those who type for a living giving the fingers a much needed break but keeping them supple. However, we diverge from the real reason for the USB Finger Dance Mat, fun, fun and more run.

So have you got two left fingers or are you really in control of your digits?

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