USB Necktie Cooler

Posted on Jun 23 2008 - 4:46pm by Richard Sharp

USB Necktie CoolerAnd here we are again relying on our esteemed Japanese counterparts to provide us with some of the world’s most bizarre gadgets and technology you could ever dream. Although, if we’re honest, we find it reasonably unlikely that you’ve ever dreamed of owning a USB necktie cooler. Why carry a fan and wear a tie separately when you can combine the two, right?

The USB necktie cooler obviously plugs into the USB port on your computer and hidden behind the knot of the tie is a small fan. When activated, the fan will blow cool and refreshing air into your face in order to keep you cool. For those occasions when you just have to sit in meetings with the same glazed expression as the model on the left you can use the provided AAA battery pack for power.

It seems a crying shame that, like the Fujitus phone that enables you to watch TV and media files at depths of up to 6m underwater, the USB necktie cooler is only available in Japan although if you look around I feel fairly certain you’ll be able to get one shipped over here or find a supplier that has taken the initiative.

You’ll probably notice from the picture that this is the 2nd version of the necktie cooler. The first incarnation rather foolishly used a full sized desk fan and was causing some serious neck strain.

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