USB Noodle Strainer – Everybody Needs One

Posted on May 1 2008 - 5:46pm by Richard Sharp

The USB Noodle Strainer - One Of The Finer Things In LifeIf you’re at all like me, then you’ve probably sat and pondered how you can strain your noodles without having to leave your computer. It’s one of life’s wonderful little mysteries that has never before been solved. Until, the USB noodle strainer was invented and now that it’s here it really makes you question why it’s never been done before doesn’t it?

Specifically, this little beauty is designed to assist in the preparation of soumen, which is a cold noodle dish. Add cold water, place the noodles in the river, and let the strainer do its stuff. After a few minutes all you need do is fish the noodles from the water and hey presto.

Rather handily, the USB noodle strainer also includes a little serving island where you can store your preferred noodle accompaniments for addition at the final stage. I think you’d agree that you would have to go a long way indeed to find anything quite as useful and beneficial to the average computer owner.

The alternative is to boil a kettle, place hot water on Pot Noodle and then leave to cool for twenty minutes while playing your favourite multiplayer game. This offers the advantage that various synthetic cardboard shapes have already been added to spice up your noodles for you.

Don’t ever say that we don’t bring you the cutting edge in essential technology news.

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