USB Whack It Game

Posted on Nov 1 2008 - 12:21am by David Gray

USBWHACKIT.jpgWe’ve all seen the original Whack It Game in our youth and now you have a chance to own your very own version of the addictive yet frustrating game. The USB Whack It Game simply plugs into your computer’s USB port and can lay by the side of your desk ready for use as and when you need to take a break from work or surfing. So get that hammer, switch on the game and you’re ready to go!

It is really just a smaller version of the original game with the mole heads lighting up and testing your dexterity as the game gets quicker and quicker. If you are successful and manage to hammer the moles head you will hear a variety of noises to indicate you have been successful. The game also comes with an LED score display which lets you know how well or how badly you are doing.

The USB Whack It Game can also be powered by batteries if a USB connection is not available so ensuring that you can take the game anywhere you like. There is an option of 30 second or 60 second game span and the chance to welcome competitors to see if they can match or beat your score.

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