Useful not useless extras for your iPod

Posted on Apr 5 2009 - 8:38pm by Richard Sharp

As an iPod user you will run out of cash before you run out of gadgets and Gizmos for your treasured mp3 player. However every now and then there is something available for an iPod that really is a must have rather than just a waste of your hard earned cash, and this is where the HandMusic from Ewoo comes in.

This useful piece of kit allows you to control your iPod remotely whilst it is connected to a docking station or your stereo system from a distance of up to 500 feet. The systems uses a near identical interface so that you can see all the same information including album covers displayed on the HandMusic remote as is already stored on your iPod.

We all have the same problems when listening to our iPods through docking stations or other audio equipment that if you want to change track or identify a song or artist it is usually a case of going to the iPod wherever it is located to do this. Now with the HandMusic it is possible to have complete control from wherever you are and also to directly sync the HandMusic 2.4 GHz radio system remote with your iTunes library by connecting it via the USB cable to your PC. The HandMusic mini dock will charge both the remote control handset unit and your iPod and features a 1.8” LCD display and is compatible with most iPods. The HandMusic system is extremely easy to set up and operate and comes with AC power adapter, analog audio output, video output and USB cable.

Of course here at gadgets and Gizmos we understand this is not quite re-inventing the wheel but certainly it enhances the overall usability of the iPod technology without having to purchase a whole new docking or stereo system, and priced at under £100 this will allow you to wait to upgrade your current systems to allow for further developments in technology.

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  1. Book Reader April 11, 2009 at 1:00 am - Reply

    I like this gadget for my iPod. Thanks for bringing it up. I'm sure to get me one of these. My iPod has everything I need for my life on the go. Thank you.

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