Video app for the iPhone, coming soon?

Posted on Mar 27 2009 - 10:06pm by Richard Sharp

More iPhone news reaches us, and we hope that you are not all iPhoned out! The latest news is the exciting developments from GP Apps based in Southern California who have managed to create an app for the iPhone that allows for the recording of video clips on the iPhone. This has long been a bugbear of iPhone users that there is not the ability to record or playback videos, with the latest software from GP Apps it is hoped that this will no longer be the case. GP Apps are just waiting for Apple to give approval for the new software to be used on the iPhone, which is hoped will be forthcoming shortly.

The clever iPhone software that GP Apps have developed is called iVidCam and although not perfect it is certainly a lot better than the ‘nothing’ which is currently available. In a press release about the new software Susan Lee one of the founders of GP Apps said “ iVidCam is only able to record 5-6 frames per second and currently does not support audio recording. Further, the encoding time takes approximately 2 seconds for every 1 second of video recorded. Nevertheless, we believe that iPhone users will appreciate the option of having video recording on their iPhones.”.

GP Apps struggled to get the encoding software to the current standard that provides an mpeg4 clip that can be watched via PC or uploaded to sites such as YouTube, but over a period of six months they managed to get the glitches ironed out to get to the current standard that it is today.

GP Apps are the same company that have provided popular family app software for the iPhone including Kid Art, Kid Camera, The Yummy Cook and Period Tracker.

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