ViewSonic ViewPad 7 available on Free Trial

Posted on Mar 28 2011 - 5:30pm by Richard Sharp


Tablet manufacturers are probably scratching their heads a little after the recent Apple iPad 2 release, perhaps wondering what they can do to grab consumers attention? Well ViewSonic has a few ideas on how to persuade consumers as they are allowing them to try it for free and if they don’t like it they can simply give it back.

They haven’t gone down the route of large public demonstrations though as they allow customers to purchase the ViewPad 7, take it home then test it out for up to a month and then send it back for a full refund if they are not completely satisfied. Perhaps they are hoping the postage costs will put people off returning it? Well no actually as they will provide a pre paid sticker to send the ViewPad back – they certainly must be confident with their product.

James Coulson, European marketing manager, ViewSonic, said: “There are many people that have heard about the new Tablet trend but for various reasons have not yet dived in. Working with Google, we want people to have a good first Tablet experience, risk free. Customers taking up the offer can use our devices for 30 days free of charge in order to overcome any initial learning curves and really start to appreciate the potential of Android on a great device. The ViewPad 7 is a perfect start into the world of touch technology.”

The ViewPad 7 integrates Android 2.2 utilising Gmail, navigation and maps. Users will also be able to use it as a fully functional phone, although we’d suggest speakerphone or hands free if you don’t want to look odd holding a tablet up to your face.

Those of you planning to attend The Gadget Show live will be able to have some hands on time with the ViewPad 7 and sign up for the risk free trial if you so wish.