Violight kills gadget-infesting germs

Posted on Jun 23 2010 - 11:03am by simon

Violight is a firm that produces products to kill germs using nothing but ultraviolet light. It has now produced its first contact-free cleansing product that is designed to give mobile phones and similarly shaped gadgets a good UV scrub down.

The Cell Phone Sanitizer will destroy 99 per cent of the bugs that lurk on the surface of your mobile phone, according to Violight. The whole process takes about five minutes and the device itself is a pleasingly shaped cylinder, which in marketing shots is shown holding onto an iPhone.

You might assume that this was an occasional use device, but Violight suggests that you might consider using it to store and display your mobile even when you are not cleaning it with UV light.

It also claims that some might be convinced that shelling out over £30 for the Cell Phone Sanitizer is a good idea if you’re looking for something meaningful in which to wrap your latest gadget-based gift in before you give it to friends or family.

Violight will be getting the Cell Phone Sanitizer to the market in the run up to Christmas, but it has already posted some videos on YouTube to explain the functionality.

The cleaning device has even been deemed newsworthy by certain networks, although for many, its arrival might herald the unpleasant realisation that a mobile phone or gadget is actually crawling with germs.

Violight says that in addition to slotting in your smartphone, you might consider giving your Bluetooth headset a clean.

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