Vodafone Includes Mobile Data In New Increased Tariffs

Posted on May 5 2008 - 3:54pm by Richard Sharp

Vodafone Adds Downloads To New TariffsVodafone has become the first UK mobile operator to include data usage as standard with their pay monthly tariffs. However, it comes at a price of a £5 per month tariff increase. Vodafone currently only offer bolt-on additions to tariffs that allow 120MB downloads for the cost of £7.50 per month. Customers will now be entitled to unlimited downloads with an unenforced fair usage policy.

While the £5 addition will apply to all tariffs, those customers that do not wish to use the Internet or email can ask Vodafone to opt out of this portion of the tariff. The £5 will be deducted from the price. Essentially, Vodafone have reduced the price of the bolt-on and made it an opt-out rather than opt-in addition.

A fair usage policy of 500MB downloads is included as part of the tariff, but Vodafone has stated in communication with the ZDNet website that they won’t fine customers that go over this limit.

Mobile Internet and email has come under fairly close scrutiny because it simply hasn’t taken off in the way that many people anticipated. However recent developments in improved hardware and greater software options, as well as our increasing fascination with social media websites, are proving to increase the amount of data downloaded with mobile phones.

Mobile data downloads are used for accessing the Internet and reading email, as well as downloading files from the Internet. Most mobile pages are optimized to reduced sizes, making the 500MB download limit seem more than reasonable for the majority of mobile surfers.

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