Vogel iPad Mount and Cover Review

Posted on Feb 10 2011 - 4:38pm by Richard Sharp

Many people view the Apple iPad as a piece of art and believe that the accessories made to work with the tablet should be equally attractive and functional. For this reason we were very excited when Vogel sent us their latest iPad mount to try out as they are known for their sleek design and style.

Starter Pack

We were sent Vogel’s starter pack which comprised on the base cover and wall mount bracket. This costs around £75 to buy but is built to last and opens up avenues for add-ons or expansion down the line.

Base cover

The Base cover has two functions; firstly it offers complete protection to the rear of the iPad and sides (apart from the neat cut outs for inputs and switches), it performs this function very well adding a little bulk and depth to the iPad which could be considered a minor inconvenience if you like the depth of the iPad, we actually thought the added depth and shape made the iPad more comfortable to hold and use.

The second function relates to the mounting mechanism. On the back you will find an aluminium lined hole, which despite looking like Iron Mans chest piece (very cool) is the patented system for attaching the base cover to Vogel’s array of mounts. Vogel call this system RingO –  an unfortunate but apt name.

Wall mount

The wall mount can be attached using a screw to most surfaces around the home or office. Whilst this might put some people off we have to say it’s not that difficult to install and is solid once put in properly – it doesn’t look out of place either as it is finished in the same aluminium as the ring on the basecover that it attaches to.

To attach you simply push the basecover onto the mount, once clicked in its solid and can only be disconnected by pushing the clip/button on the mount. When we looked at the initial models during IFA 2010 this process was a little stiff but we are pleased to report that our review unit had no such problems.

Longevity and expansion

Vogel also make a variety of other modules to work with the basemount, the table stand attaches to the RingO so the iPad can be orientated on a flat surface in either portrait or landscape mode. You can even buy a carmount that attaches to the headrest of your motor allowing back seat passengers to use or view the iPad at the optimal angle.

Our Verdict

The Vogel system is clearly robust and a great solution for people who want to mount their iPad in a number of places. The wall mount that comes with the starter pack is sturdy and attractive. The whole system is quite pricey compared to a standard case but is built to last and can be expanded on, at this stage there is no other system to offer this type of feature. It certainly is gadgety and would look great in any home, just bear in mind that each mount is additional so if you are sticking with one choose your position wisely.

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