Volvo Launches Cyclist Detection Facility

Posted on Mar 16 2013 - 12:11pm by Robert

There are some exciting sounding advances being made in the world of motoring these days, aren’t there?

It is fair to say that some of them appear to be more about gimmicks than the addition of genuinely useful features. However, the new work being done by Volvo could be very important in cutting down on the number of serious accidents involving cyclists.

This is because the firm has announced the release of a cyclist detection facility which can help negate dangers such as a bike suddenly swinging out in front of the vehicle using the system.

When the car in question discovers a risk of collision such as this then it would cause an alarm to sound and the vehicle’s brakes to be put into action. The new development was shown to the world at the Geneva Motor Show and it is an update to the pedestrian detection system which Volvo brought out in 2010.

cycleOlder Systems Can’t be Upgraded

It works through the use of radar in the grille of the car, together with a camera between the windscreen and the rear view mirror. The bad news is that older Volvo cars with the initial detection system can’t just be upgraded to this new one. Because of the added complexity involved in it a more powerful processor needs to be used than was the case previously.

It is a system which needs to be put in while the vehicle is being built in the factory, so it needs to be pre ordered rather than added on later. At the moment it can be chosen as an extra on 7 of the 11 current models on offer from Volvo. In terms of cost, you can’t expect it to set you back a minimum of £1,850.

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