Want ultimate gaming graphics? GeForce 295 GTX can fix it!

Posted on Apr 11 2009 - 4:15pm by Richard Sharp

For all you gamers who would like the most superior gaming experience possible then you really need to get your hands on the GeForce 295 GTX graphics card. Providing the fastest possible graphics and the same performance as two of the previous 200 GTX processors, the 295 GTX delivers an unrivalled gaming experience which is without doubt the ultimate gamers heaven. The GeForce 295 GTX graphics card has been hailed as the “Most Powerful Dual Chip Graphics Card” ever, and the gaming experience is certainly second to none.

In brief the tenth generation 295 GTX comes complete with Farcry 2 and is packing HD PureVideo Technology, NVIDIA CUDA technology, HDMI certified, Dual Link HDCP and Quad SLI capable. PCI express, DirectX 10 support, Open 2.1 support and second generation unified architecture.

All this speed and excellence however comes at a cost, and you had better start dropping hints for Christmas as this is not a cheap acquisition. It is a real ‘must have’ and it really is worth the enormous expenditure of, maybe you should sit down at this point …. The recommended retail price of almost £470! It honestly is the ultimate in graphics card and the bigger the screen the better to really fully appreciate the outstanding image quality

One criticism that has been levelled is that it can cause overheating so good ventilation is essential to eliminate any risks of this happening. Also it is worth bearing in mind that you will need a good computer system to ensure the motherboard is up to the job and of course to get the most out of what it can offer and of course some really great games. With this graphics card installed, which in itself is fairly simple then you won’t look back, getting you away from the PC though that is another matter.

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