Washing Machine Toilet is a Great Space Saver

Posted on Mar 22 2008 - 11:22pm by Richard Sharp


The Washup is a combination of a toilet and a washing machine and is designed as a space saving device. What’s more the wash up washing machine/toilet reuses the water from the cycle to flush the toilet.

Now I haven’t used the washup but I can think of some questions that I would like answered.

  • 1. Does the washup have to be placed above the toilet, I can see it is space saving but it looks wierd and could be mighty uncomfortable when going to the toilet, especially if the machine is on spin!
  • 2. Do you have to wait for the machine to finish before flushing?

I presume the answer to question number 2 is no, or your number two would be around for way to long. Either way we like this idea and can see it being a hit in places where space is a premium.

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