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Posted on Aug 1 2010 - 5:14pm by Matt Jackson

It seems the world’s gone a bit 3D crazy at the moment, and that’s not just consumers. Companies like Panasonic and even Sky are really getting into the whole 3D technology.

Panasonic is throwing out new 3D product releases while Sky has announced the imminent release of the Sky 3D TV channel. The LG 3D TV competition also shows how popular the technology has become – you can win £3,500 worth of goodies including a 3D TV, 3D Blu Ray player and a home cinema kit too.

The iPad has featured pretty heavily too, and well it should being one of the most popular and intriguing of new gadgets released. It’s also sporning a range of competitors although there are currently only a few major iPad competitors.

There’s also a mass of new iPad apps being released every week enabling you to read books and magazines, and even find your way around (which would prove handy if you’re into the latest trend of geocaching).

As you would expect, the upcoming release of Halo Reach is grabbing a few of the headlines. Not only was a tasty teaser trailer for Halo: Reach released giving a glimpse of what’s to come but major names like Rio Ferdinand have put their names down to say they can’t wait.

In other console gaming news, Nintendo took the unusual move of announcing that they would announce the release date for their new Nintendo 3DS on September 29th. The Playstation Move, motion control device, was given a firm release date and pricing plan giving us all a little something to look forward to – what’s more, it looks reasonably inexpensive too.

Finally, the BBC announced it will be offering content to mobile users and HMV has started offering digital downloads while designer Jamie Martin has given us a glimpse of the possible future of policing with his incredible 3D design of the C.R.A.B police droid.

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