Wera Advent-Calender 2017; Tools to turn the biggest grinch around

Posted on Nov 3 2017 - 9:00pm by Richard Sharp

It’s a little early for me personally to embrace Christmas; but I am willing to start talking about advent calendars and gifts for those who like to be ready. This week I received the 2017 Wera advent calendar and it looks awesome and has already turned my pre-christmas grinch tendencies around.

First thing to mention is that the box is pretty big, so you’ll have to bear that in mind. It comes with a removable outer sleeve to keep up the mystery of what’s inside. It includes 24 windows of Wera tool goodness consisting of a screwdriver, precision driver, an array of bits, sockets and pouch. It looks great and from what I can make out, at £44.99, isn’t too much more than other similar Wera sets. It’s almost better because you can enjoy it for a whopping 24 days.

I’ll be saving the opening until December and plan to update this post daily to share what’s included. To join me in this journey you can check it out at Reichelt and be sure to check back. One thing’s for sure if you are looking for a perfect gift for handy people (my mum and dad would love this), gadget lovers or people on diet this is perfect.

What’s inside?

December 1st 2017 – check back soon

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