We’re All Slaves To SatNav

Posted on Jul 22 2008 - 10:39pm by Richard Sharp

SatNag - The Safer Alternative?It’s reminiscent of a poor 1980’s B film but it seems that we’re being ruled by our SatNav systems nowadays. Direct Line has questioned 2,000 satellite navigation systems, sorry, I mean road users and found that 300,000 accidents have been caused by the hyper intelligent sentient beings that are masquerading as being satellite navigation systems.

Not only does this research suggest that Direct Line have by far the most accident prone drivers (2,000 respondents and 300,000 accidents? That’s 150 accidents each.) but it cites some of the most common reasons for accidents being that the SatNav told them to do it. Gems like the SatNav made people drive the wrong way down a one way street or told them to go to the wrong place should spark fear into the hearts of all of us.

It’s not the SatNav that we should fear, though, it’s the fact that these people that are seemingly devoid of intelligent thought are actually able to sit and pass their driving test. Although, come to think of it, the examiner and the SatNav do operate in a similar way. Both are apparently devoid of human emotion and bark instructions and directions throughout the route.

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