What’s better that a Samsung 6 series? A Samsung 7 Series of course!

Posted on Apr 19 2009 - 1:11pm by Richard Sharp

samsung-series7We have recently given you our feedback on the Samsung series 6000 of televisions and if you thought that a Samsung television couldn’t get any better, then you need to experience the Samsung LED series 7000 television to savour the mind blowing and breath taking picture quality that the 7 series delivers.

Samsungs latest 7 series range of televisions use the revolutionary LED technology, this differs from conventional fluorescent backlit televisions in that they use Light Emitting Diodes (LED) that are bight white and create the images in a similar way that a laptop screen does. The benefits of the LED technology is that as well as being much more energy efficient that the picture display is also a much better quality, the colours are deeper, there is more contrast and the picture has a clarity that is more lifelike and true to the original filmed image. The final television programmes are displayed in glorious vivid colour, without blurring and you can also access the internet content for example YouTube by the wireless connectivity. There are a selection of HDMI ports so that you can connect to other compatible equipment and two USB ports so your images can be displayed on full screen as well ass.

Samsung have designed the 7series televisions so carefully, ensuring that the design of the product matches the superior picture and build quality, the makers have considered every little detail to make this series of televisions a statement piece of classic beauty which will compliment any living room no matter whether traditional or contemporary. Gone is the ugly traditional remote control, the 7 series televisions have a beautifully designed pebble shaped remote that screams style icon whilst still allowing for simple operation of the television. Samsung have cleverly positioned the LED’s on the side of the screen instead of at the back, which allows for the slimmest possible dimensions of their television sets, making this an elegant addition to your home.

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