What’s super sexy, super charged and super priced? The Jaguar XFR

Posted on May 24 2009 - 9:35pm by Richard Sharp

jaguarxfrThere are not enough complimentary words available in the English language to fully describe the beauty of the Jaguar XFR. This car looks good both inside and out, it has the head turning appeal that will make anyone driving it feel like they are a film star or that there is an invisible sign on the roof that says ‘sex god driving this’. Jaguar has been accused of staying in a bit of a design bubble and that a lot of their stable of cars has not evolved over the last 20 years, well that is certainly not the case with the Jaguar XFR. This is a car that has definitely broken out of the previous Jaguar mould and is pulsating with ‘drive me’ appeal.

The Jaguar XFR offers effortless luxurious driving and oozes class with every small detail having been considered to show the quality of the car. Details such as the embossed ‘R’ that can be found on the soft black and red leather seats and the ‘Supercharged’ which has been stamped on the air vents of the bonnet. The car growls into life when the red pulsating button is pushed to start the engine and the rotary gear selector rises gently to allow for ease of operation. Once on the road the Jaguar XFR offers a choice of driving modes using Jaguars special Drive Control feature, there is Winter mode which enables safe controlled driving in icy or snowy conditions and Dynamic mode which allows for a more confident driver to really take control of ‘the beast’ in suitable driving conditions.

The Jaguar XFR is every bit the sports car wrapped up in a sophisticated luxurious saloon body, the supercharged 5.0L V8 engine and ZF 6 speed automatic transmission offers a top speed of 155 mph and goes 0 to 60 mph in 4.7 seconds. Don’t expect to get many miles to the gallon as around town you are only going to get about 15 mpg at best. The price tag, as you might expect hits you in the bread basket at just short of £60,000 for this object of desire, but if price is no object then buy it, drive it and enjoy it, this is a car that makes you proud to be British!

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