Where did the iPad USB Ports Go? Patent Shows Intent of Inclusion

Posted on May 11 2011 - 8:57pm by Robert

The Apple iPad and iPad 2 are both great devices with a lot of top features, aren’t they? The fact that they have sold like the proverbial hot cakes right from the original launch date tells us that they have definitely struck a chord with the gadget owning community. However, one of the most common complaints about them is the lack of “proper” USB ports.

Now it turns out that they almost, very nearly, but not quite had two USB ports put on them. A patent which was never effectively used by Apple has not one but two USB 2.0 ports built into the tablets.

As it is, we have to make do with that rather awkward connector on the bottom which never quite seems to be in the right position, but the patent has one USB entry right there on the side and another on the bottom. The one on the side is classed as a “portable display device”.

Having said that, it isn’t 100% clear from the patent application if it is actually an iPad or some other sort of gadget but it certainly looks for all the world like an iPad. The rest of the patent includes 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity details but it is the nicely positioned docking connection which is likely to elicit a sign of regret from many users of the Apple tablets.

What would you use a funky iPad USB port for? Would it really make a big difference to the way you use the tablet?

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