Which Big Car Maker Will Be First to Release Their Electric Vehicle?

Posted on Dec 10 2014 - 10:04am by Robert

The success of the Tesla electric car range has us wondering which car manufacturer will come out with the next big battery-powered vehicles.

News from a German magazine called Manager Magazine suggests that Porsche could be about to bring one out in the future. The magazine interviewed Matthias Müller, who is the chairman of Porsche, about the car maker’s plan for electric cars.

He said that the design of their battery-powered car will be based on the 4 door Porsche Panama hybrid. According to Müller, this will allow the German car maker to match up to the Tesla Models in areas such as performance, battery range and weight.

The downside is that the new Porsche electric car won’t be available for buying until 2018. Hang on though; maybe the guys at Mercedes will get one out before them.

The Battery Was Too Big


Sources at Mercedes confirmed to the same magazine that they too have a battery-powered car in the works to take on the Tesla models. In this case it is an electric sedan but apparently it will take even longer than the new Porsche to see the light of day.

This is because the release date for the electric Mercedes car has been put back to 2021. It was initially pencilled in for an earlier release but the manufacturer ran into issues with their current battery being too big for their current designs.

This leaves Audi as being the first of the big car makers to potentially bring out a battery-powered vehicle, with a Q8 e-tron SUV expected in 2017.

Are you keen to get an electric car?

image of tesla s courtesy of wikipedia

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