Which Games Console to Choose?

Posted on Apr 27 2011 - 5:12pm by Robert

So you love playing top quality games but aren’t sure which machine is best for you. Pull up a chair and have a look at what the big names in the business have to offer.


Nintendo 3DS

Recent price drops are making this a more attractive purchase all the time. If you have used any of the Nintendo DS range of devices then you will be quite comfortable with this little console. The layout makes it easy to use but the thing we are all interested in is the 3D element. There have been controversies, boy have there been controversies, but no one can deny that the 3D graphics add a thrilling edge to the games. The 3D intensity can be moved up or down using a slider, and while this sounds annoying it soon becomes something you do without even thinking about it.

The best bit? The amazing 3D graphics.

The downside? Poor battery life when playing 3D games.

Nintendo Wii

The graphics might not be the best around but for innovative controls and gameplay this is hard to beat. It is especially recommended for sports fans who want to get really involved in the action or keep fit fans who want to have some fun while shedding pounds. Some of the games are a bit shallow for hard core gamers to really get hooked on but if you are after a fun console the whole family can use then this is a fine choice.

The best bit? Getting some exercise and feeling part of the game.

The downside? Graphics and gameplay likely to underwhelm serious gamers.


The packaging might be small but the power which this hand held device holds means that it blows away the likes of the Nintendo 3DS in terms of graphics. Sony are also bringing out a lot of big name games for this one and this is a recommended choice for  those who seriously like their games and class the action above anything else.

The best bit? Fantastic graphics and gameplay on the go.

The downside? No hook such as 3D or motion controllers. If you already have a big PlayStation and a big screen then will this tempt you?


Xbox 360

Fantastic graphics and a lot of games to choose from are the first points to jump out at us here. Is that enough in today’s ultra competitive console market? Well, the Xbox has the advantage of the other things it can do, making it the centre of your multimedia entertainment system. This is still regarded by many as the top console around and it is easy to see why.

The best bit? A lot of versatility means that you won’t get bored of it easily.

The downside? Not a lot to complain about here. If we want to be picky we could mention the rather small memory capacity.

PlayStation 3

This is another console which, like the Xbox, offers great gameplay and lots more besides. The multimedia options are not quite as advanced though. If you want a non portable console and are a serious gamer then it probably comes down to this or the Xbox and personal preference around the titles available might just be the deciding factor.

The best bit? Does just what you want it to.

The downside? Again, we need to go nitpicking to find something and will settle for the relative lack of multimedia options when compared to the Xbox.


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