Whisper Quiet XBox 360 Slim Out Tomorrow

Posted on Jul 15 2010 - 10:18am by Matt Jackson

The new XBox 360 slim hits UK shelves tomorrow having been available in the US for quite a while now. Microsoft is offering something of an upgraded package for current XBox owners with the deafening roar of the old 360 reduced to ltitle more than a whisper and if you’ve ever played the old model then you’ll know that every game is accompanied by an incredible level of noise emitted from the fans. The good news is that the XBox 360 slim is reported to genuinely be all that quiet so good news there, but what else does the new console offer?

First off it offers a 250GB hard drive which is becoming increasingly important to regular gamers, downloaders, and other users. Games can be downloaded directly from XBox Live Marketplace now, including full games and downloadable content is getting bigger and more impressive. This is great news for convenience seekers as it means you don’t even need to leave the house to pick up the next instalment of your favourite games but your memory card certainly won’t do the trick any more.

It also includes an HDMI cable making it ideal for high definition gaming, although this isn’t quite as impressive as the news that the PS3 now features 3D gaming capabilities. The built in wifi is good news and means that you can connect to the Internet wirelessly and without having to pay extra for the wireless network bridge that was a required piece of kit for the original.

Finally, we get to the design and the slim is not only slimmer than the original but it is also sleeker and shinier. The disc tray emits a lovely beep and the whole unit feels more electronic and less mechanical when compared to the old 360.

All in all the news looks good especially when you consider the £200 RRP is really quite reasonable compared to the Elite price tag and the cost of a PS3.

Will you be getting the new XBox 360 slim when it’s released tomorrow (if you do, we suggest Tesco and don’t forget your Clubcard)?

Source – xbox.com

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