White Apple iPhone 4 Release Date Revealed by Signage

Posted on Feb 7 2011 - 10:53pm by Richard Sharp

Best Buy seems to be getting quite a reputation for ‘accidently’ leaking upcoming gadget releases, in January a listing appeared for the White 16GB and 32GB Apple iPhone 4 – admittedly this had happened last year only to be removed, so when it happened a second time consumers were understandably wary.

Today’s news is a little more solid as a piece of shop signage has been snapped in a Best Buy detailing the 16GB model, this photo shows Apple’s white iPhone 4 for $599.99 on the AT&T network. The 32GB model is also available and American buyers will be pleased to hear that they will be able to pick it up on the Bell Network for $159.95 or $269.95 for either the 16gb or 32gb models.

There is still no solid news on the UK release date but an internal source suggests it could be in March which supports Apple’s own Spring timeline. So finally after various hiccups such as the miscoloured home button and problems with the camera it seems consumers will be able to purchase a white iPhone 4.

The question is, will people simply wait for the iPhone 5 instead?

Source:  Engadget

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  1. fxgeorges April 24, 2011 at 7:42 am - Reply

    Im using the iP4 for over a week now. Some dropped calls by att. But i always have all bars full, great phone. Even though kinda embarassing when everyone asking you hows reception… Otherwise, im happier than when i got the 2g 3g and 3gs 🙂 wifey is waiting on the white one to be released.

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