White iPhone 4 Out in April and What it Means for Apple iPhone 5

Posted on Apr 14 2011 - 4:44pm by Robert

A recent report by Business Week has suggested that Apple will roll out the White iPhone 4 in the US before the end of April. This has conjured up an array of perplexing arguments and questions including the reason why Apple would roll it out 10 months late, will people buy it and what would it mean for the iPhone 5?

Why so late?

The report suggests that a problem with the white iPhone 4 body has held up its launch date, apparently the paint would fade, flake or even cause problems with the phones light sensors – all sound wild and only Apple really knows the real reason why there has been such a lengthily delay.

The Bloomberg report said: “Three people with knowledge of the plans,” have told Bloomberg that the white iPhone 4’s release is imminent. One said there’ll be two different versions, one for US network Verizon, the other for AT&T.

Why now?

The Apple iPhone brings in 39% of all of Apple’s sales according to last quarters report; perhaps Apple feels this will further bolster its popularity reducing the need to rush out the iPhone 5. Phil Schiller has confirmed both in blog posts and via Twitter that ‘the white iPhone will be available this spring (and it’s a beauty)’. Many believe this to be the white iPhone 4 although he never actually used a digit in his description, he could have been talking about the iPhone 5 (although less likely).

What does this mean for the iPhone 5?

If Apple does roll out a White iPhone 4 this month then it’s probably a little close for them to ‘replace’ it with the iPhone 5 in the summer. Other brands do this all the time but Apple tends to stick to longer time scales between releases (usually annual). This could mean a later release date for the iPhone 5 because they would want to sell as many white iPhone 4’s as they can before the next model comes out.

Would you still buy a white iPhone 4?

Source: Bloomberg


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  1. paula April 16, 2011 at 12:58 pm - Reply

    Yes, I will buy the white iPhone 4 — I've been waiting for almost a year, and I'm tired of my 3G iphone. When they come out with a white iPhone 5, I'll probably get it, too. I just like the white models. I LOVE my new white iPad 2. Apple products are so superior to everything else out there. I bought a Galaxy Tablet because of the smaller size, but after a few months I was ready to get rid of it — too choppy and not nearly enough apps. The wait is worth it for a new Apple product!

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