Wii Prices Cut to Make Way for Wii 2?

Posted on Apr 19 2011 - 8:30pm by Thomas Sharp

Excitement is growing amongst the gaming world as retailers in the US and UK begin slashing prices of the Nintendo Wii. This is exciting for a couple of reasons, first the Wii and associated packages are now a real bargain with the second reason involving the thinking behind this price reduction. Why would retailers charge less for a perfectly good console? Well the only reason we can think of is the Wii 2 will be in stores soon!

UK customers can now pick up a brand new Wii complete with one Wiimote, Wii sports and Sports resort games for an impressive £98.98 on amazon.co.uk. Over the pond prices have been reduced to $170 (£104) on amazon.com, in Best Buy, Game and Target. So not quite as cheap but a bargain all the same.

The price reductions come a month earlier than previously speculated but still tally with the Wii 2 timeline which is rumoured to be unveiled at this years e3 show. Over the past year reports have suggested that the Wii 2 could go hands free like Kinect or even possess a telekinetic controller. The latest hot tip is that the Wii 2 will include HD hardware and controllers with built in gaming power. If the latter is true users will be able to continue or even play games on their controller even when the console off, an interesting concept that we hope is true.

So will you snap up a cheap Wii or hedge your bets by waiting for the Wii ?
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