Wildcharger Pad For IPhone Review

Posted on Dec 6 2009 - 9:42pm by Richard Sharp

Wireless charging may sound a little like it is an impossibility dreamt up by a sci-fi writer, but it is in fact a reality that you can benefit from today. In fact wireless charging has been around for a while now and is more usually associated with charging electric tooth brushes where an exposed conduction service would result in many electric shocks for users of the often damp device, so a wireless solution is required. Technically referred to as ‘inductive charging’, it allows for the transfer of electricity between two surfaces via an electromagnetic field. It sounds complex and it is, but it makes charging things much simpler. That’s where the Wildcharger pad and the iPhone charging adaptor come in.

wildchargerforiphoneThe Wildcharger pad itself is thin and ideal for placement on a flat surface like a desktop or a kitchen counter. It measures 8 inches by 6 and looks suitably modern at a glance, with rows of shiny bars breaking up the surface. You will need to place it near to a mains socket to provide the pad with power.

In order to charge a device you will need to install a compatible ‘charging skin’. The iPhone skin is available as part of a pack that also includes the Wildcharger pad, so it is quite a good way of saving money and making sure that you have the right equipment as soon as you get the pad. The charging skin fits snugly around the iPhone, with a hole to allow the camera to peek out. However, it does bulk out the iPhone quite a bit and there is a small protrusion that extends below the bottom of the mouthpiece that looks a little ugly. This does allow for the charging interface to connect to the standard iPhone charging port, but a slightly more elegant solution would have been desirable. The iPhone adaptor partially doubles up as a protective cover for your iPhone, so if you do not mind losing a little bit of the aesthetic appeal of the phone’s design then this will be a bonus.

With the charging skin attached to the iPhone you can place it onto the Wildcharger pad and if the battery is running low it will automatically begin to charge. Because the electricity is transferred wirelessly there is no need to seek out the cable. The Wildcharger pad draws and transmits enough power to charge up to five different devices simultaneously. You will of course have to buy the separate charging skins for your various devices, but there is a constantly growing list of compatible devices, including mobile phones, MP3 players and handheld gaming systems. In the future you should be able to charge a whole household’s worth of mobiles overnight.

The Wildcharger pad is completely safe to use in virtually any environment. Spillages on its surface will not damage the Wildcharger or harm you. You can also place metallic objects, such as coins or car keys onto the surface without causing damage or injury. The Wildcharger pad automatically detects the nature of any object that is placed on its surface. If the object is not compatible with the Wildcharger it will shut down. This does mean that you will have to make sure that the surface of the pad is completely free of clutter, as even if you have your iPhone laying on the pad ready for charging, the power will not be transferred if the Wildcharger detects any other object.

wildchargeriphonecase1The Wildcharger pad is an energy efficient way to charge your devices. It only delivers the right kind of charge when a compatible device is placed on it and it deactivates itself if nothing requires charging. Once you have installed the charging skin on your iPhone and placed it on the pad the charging process will begin instantaneously and when you need to move on you can just grab the phone from the pad and you will be ready to go. The Wildcharger pad will power up your iPhone at exactly the same speed as if it was plugged into the standard charger.

The purpose of the Wildcharger is to provide a more convenient way for busy people to recharge their iPhones and other electronic gadgets. It works really rather well and though there are other examples of wireless chargers on the market, this is one of the cheapest. However, this value does come at a price. The main problem is still the iPhone charging skin itself. There is no way of avoiding the fact that it makes the iPhone look a little bit chunky as it swaddles it in a thick coating. On the up side, the technology contained within the Wildcharger pad itself is excellent and as time goes on it is likely that Wildcharger will release a new charging skin for the iPhone which will hopefully be a little bit sleeker. The wildcharger can be purchased from the mobile fun website www.mobilefun.co.uk

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