Will Blackberry Playbook Shun App World for Android Apps?

Posted on Feb 12 2011 - 9:21pm by Matt Jackson

 This week has been a real eye opener for the big players in tech, with a distinct change from being very much independent to a ‘if you can’t beat them, join them mentality. First Nokia partnered up with Microsoft and now it seems RIM have done the same thing with Google.

RIM, who are the parent company behind the Blackberry Playbook is said to be developing their upcoming tablet to work with the Android Marketplace meaning it will be capable of running Android apps, a big plus point for any device – especially blackberry who’s app world is no match for the Android market or indeed iOS app store.

Like most good rumours this one has yet to be confirmed or denied, the report on CNET dismissed the claims as they feel it would undermine their own app world store. Although this is true and before this week we would have agreed you must consider Nokia, who have backed their own Symbian software for many years did a complete U-turn by admitting they will use Windows Phone 7 software on their new range of handsets. Who’s to say RIM won’t do the same with Android apps?

 Do you think RIM will break down boundaries and use Android apps?

Source: Cnet

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