Will New Privacy Rules Reign In Google and Facebook ?

Posted on Nov 2 2010 - 10:52pm by Richard Sharp

Google and Facebook have had privacy woes of late, Google got into hot water over their ‘accidental’ collection of private information with their Google Street view cars and Facebook has been in trouble because a third party developer was caught mishandling users information last week.

This is by no means the first privacy issues the two brands have had but are the latest in a string of issues – this has prompted a reaction from the public and the ICO (information commissioner’s Office).

The government’s culture minister Ed Vaizey has proposed that an improved code of conduct would ensure individuals could quickly request that inaccurate and personal data can be removed from the internet.

Will new rules effect facebook and Google? And will it actually ever happen?

This proposed service would allow individuals to demand large companies like Google and Facebook to remove information if they have invaded their privacy.

Facebook has welcomed the plans: “We look forward to hearing more about Mr. Vaizey’s plans and continuing to work with both him and the ICO.” Google has yet to comment, but to be fair it is early days.

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