Will the Apple Smart Watch be Launched for Valentine’s Day?

Posted on Nov 12 2014 - 4:33pm by Robert

Rumours are growing that the Apple smart watch could be set for release in early 2015. In fact, some experts suggest that it could be in the shops for Valentine’s Day.

While the middle of February isn’t usually the best month for gadget sales, Apple has taken advantage of the rush to buy gifts for loved ones in the past. For example, their pink models and their iOS storage devices have previously been launched at this time of year.

However, this information appears to have come from a joke. An insider at Apple is said to have leaked the information that the tech firm will be “lucky” to get it on sale for next Valentine’s Day. This comes from the fact that the expected 2014 launch date target has already been missed.

Nobody Wearing Other Smart Watches


Jeff Williams is the Senior VP of Operations at Apple. He confirmed recently that the 2014 target won’t now be met. Williams put this down to them being extremely keen to make the “best product in the world”. He pointed out “nobody is wearing” the smart watches that their competitors make, even though some of them are now on their “fourth or fifth attempt”.

An Apple smart watch will mark its first new product type in some time, and is seen as being a bit of a risk. Certainly, public demand seems low. A survey showed only 11% of consumers would be interested in one. A high asking price of possibly more than £700 is one of the main reasons why the Apple smart watch isn’t as keenly awaited as you might think.

Do you think the Apple smart watch will be a success?

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