Will there be a Sony Playstation phone? Your guess is as good as ours!

Posted on May 12 2009 - 8:26pm by Richard Sharp

Sony psp logoPlaying games on your mobile phone is by no means a new phenomenon, however playing Sony Playstation games on your mobile phone now that would be a completely different story. Not that there is any possibility of that happening right at the moment , but if an interview in the Financial Times with the president of Sony Ericsson Mr Hideki (Dick) Komiyama, is anything to go by then it could possibly happen one day.

There has always been much industry speculation that Sony would want to grab a piece of the gaming smartphone action and offer a Sony Playstation mobile phone, and this now seems one step closer to reality. In the interview with the FT, Mr Komiyama does not confirm nor deny that a Sony Playstation mobile phone will be launched. However he does more than hint at the possibility when questioned about the prospect of a Sony Playstation mobile phone stating that it “could happen”. Obviously for gamers this would be the stuff of fantasy, but is there a real possibility of a Sony Playstation mobile phone being able to compete with the main players especially Apple’s iPhone, by coming in so late to the gaming smartphone market? When all is said and done, Sony have tinkered with the smartphone very briefly with the release last year of the X1 which was, to put it bluntly a non starter.

Mr Komiyama is the first to recognise Sony Ericsson’s failure to keep ahead of the game, and remarks frankly “if we do not adapt to this new technology or new market environment, we’re going to lose”. He further provides details in the FT interview, what Sony’s plans are to make sure that they have a fighting chance of survival. These plans entail the release of two smartphones by the end of 2009 and a further new one in 2010 – as to one of these new releases being the Sony Playstation mobile phone, well we will just have to wait and see!

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