Will You Join the Mobile Pokémon Go Craze?

Posted on Jul 19 2016 - 10:19am by Robert

The world is made up of two types of people; those who love Pokémon and those who hate it. If you are in the first category then you are probably already thinking about joining the mobile Pokémon Go revolution, aren’t you?

The release of Pokémon Go as an augmented reality app for Android and iOS devices has really got a lot of people excited. Basically, this cool app lets you try and catch Pokémon in the real world.

Where Can It Be Played Currently?

Pokémon Go

Following the earlier releases in the US, Australia, New Zealand and Germany, the UK has now become the latest place to get this game. It isn’t clear in which countries the app will be made available next.

Pokémon Go was created by Niantic in conjunction with Nintendo. Before the UK version was produced many British players are said to have managed to get playing by following the app into thinking that they lived in one of the countries where it had already been launched.

The game is believed to be raking in more than £1 million daily in the US, while it is said to have more users than Tinder. The runaway success of the app has also sent the Nintendo share price rocketing too.

British Pokémon fans can now download the game from the Apple App Store or Google Playstore in the usual way. The amazing popularity of the app has caused such a big demand that the servers of the company behind it have struggled to cope, though.

Are you going to give this augmented reality game a try?

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