Will You Take Part In Next Year’s RoboGames?

Posted on Jun 19 2008 - 5:45pm by Richard Sharp

Robots Kicking Butt - SweetObviously, we don’t mean you personally – or, at least we hope not. However, the RoboGames is the world’s largest open robot competition meaning that anybody can enter in any of the categories. This year’s RoboGames drew to a conclusion on the 15th June but it will all happen again next year.

As well as open events there are sumo classes, bot hockey, junior league, combat bot fighting, radio controlled humanoid competitions (ranging from kung-fu to stair climbing), robot football (of the British variety, not the American), tetsujin, art bot competition, and BEAM competitions. While some of the robots are radio controlled other classes are open to either RC or completely autonomous bots and the event hosts some of the world’s finest roboticists.

Whether you want to take part or you simply want to see how far the world of open robotics has come along, the annual event also gives you a good excuse to take a short break in America.

Even in the UK there is a surprisingly long list of robotic competitions including themed and general category events. Some are only open to college students but a lot are open to the bodgers and hobbyists of the robotic world too.

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