Windows 10 Enhancements Expected Soon

Posted on Oct 5 2015 - 5:41pm by Robert

Some exciting new Windows 10 enhancements have been leaked, with tablet owners likely to be happiest about the upcoming changes.

A leaked version of the new generation of Windows was spotted, sporting the build number 10558. Among the Windows 10 enhancement noticed in this version is a tweaked start menu which includes a context menu with a right click.

The Edge browser has also had some additions made to it, such as tab previews. This means that you just need to hover over the tab to get a preview glance at what it contains.

Saving to Different Locations


Perhaps the biggest change of all, though, is the move to allow programs to be installed in different locations, rather than being restricted to the device’s C drive. In the case of tablet users, this means that they can use their microSD card to keep their internal storage space clearer.

For desktop users with multiple drives, this enhancement means that they can choose from any of them when storing new files.

It is also believed that a new universal messaging app will soon be revealed for Windows 10 users. This will support Skype and is expected to allow communication through SMS at some point in the future too.

No timescale has yet been given for when we can expect to see that Windows 10 improvements get rolled out. However, it is expected that we will see them officially unveiled before too long.

Do these expected changes make Window 10 look more appealing to you or not?




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