Windows 8 Developer Preview gets 500k downloads in 12 hours

Posted on Sep 17 2011 - 7:59pm by Robert

Microsoft has revealed that the Windows 8 Developer Preview, a pre-beta version of the company’s newest operating system, has been downloaded 500,000 times in the first 12 hours after it was launched.

The preview version of Windows 8 was posted to Microsoft’s website on Wednesday, just after the company officially unveiled its latest operating system.

Microsoft released two versions for users to download: a 2.8 GB 32-bit version and a 4.8 GB 64-bit version. This marks a different approach, as downloading the OS came with no restrictions. When the company launched the developer preview of its current OS, Windows 7, in October 2008, it did not allow the public to download it. It was then leaked to a number of online file-sharing sites hours after.

The 4.8 GB 64-bit version includes the SDK for Metro-style apps and a preview of Microsoft Visual Studio 11 Express. Metro is the name used by Microsoft for its tile-based user interface that it borrowed from the Windows Phone 7.

“You could say that if Windows 8 is Windows reimagined, we’re also in the process – and Windows 8’s an important step of that – of reimagining Microsoft,” said Microsoft Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer. “While it’s clear we have a long way to go still with Windows 8, we’ve been gratified certainly by the reactions and the interest.”

Are you one of the 500,000 people who downloaded the OS preview? How do you like it so far?


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