Windows 8’s Blue Screen of Death doesn’t look scary anymore

Posted on Sep 16 2011 - 9:15am by Julius

The Blue Screen of Death has always been the only thing that we don’t want to see on our computers. It is just an error message that is filled with text that tells the users about what caused the crash in the Windows operating system. For many of us who have seen it, it makes absolutely no sense and we follow it up with a reboot.

Now, with the new Windows operating system, the Windows 8, the Blue Screen of Death has been replaced to something easier on the mind. Whenever Windows crashes, users will not be greeted by a text filled blue screen, they will now be greeted by a sad smiley face and a short error message.

The new screen now reads, “Your PC ran into a problem that it couldn’t handle, and now it needs to restart.” This is followed by a more helpful message that says, “You can search for the error online: HAL_INITIALIZATION_FAILED.”

For those who have more time in their hands, they could look up the error on the internet, but for normal users, they can just forget about it and go on with their lives after the reboot.

This is a big step for Microsoft to make the Windows operating system friendly for the normal consumer as previous Windows versions were aimed for business and enterprise clients.

The new Blue Screen of Death seems to be a finer option that the previous one, but it’s still bad news once it pops up on your screen.


via: Ubergizmo

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