Windows Phone 7 to Get NFC This Year?

Posted on Mar 30 2011 - 11:40pm by Robert

NFC may very well be the payment method of the future, but we need to all get access to it first, don’t we? Well, some leaks which have just appeared suggest that Microsoft may be working on exactly that idea right now.

The news has come from unnamed people at Bloomberg and the smart money is on this change being implemented in a significant software update to the Windows Phone 7 later on this year. October is being talked about already but we will need to wait and see what happens on that score.

Whenever the change happens, and it now seems only a matter of when rather than if, it will probably be just one in a number of NFC related releases which we see in the next year or so on the different phone platforms. There seems to be a fair chance that paying with your phone is going to be the big thing by 2012. It appears that the Google people are working on similar plans for the Android platform.

While Apple seemingly don’t have it on the agenda for this year it is difficult to believe that it isn’t fairly high up their list of priorities. Especially when you consider they hired some top boffins not long back.

The Windows Phone is still playing catch up with the big rivals but if they can get this change in first then it will give their platform a real boost.

Are you looking forward to paying with your phone, or do you prefer plastic cards? Or even good old fashioned hard cash?

Via: Mashable

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