Windows Photosynth Software

Posted on Aug 22 2008 - 12:26am by Richard Sharp

Free Software From Microsoft???The words Microsoft and free aren’t lumped together that often and even when they are, most smart consumers are looking for the drawnback; the little glimmer of capitalism that inevitably rears its head at these times. In all fairness, of course, you can’t blame a business for wanting to make a profit and that’s certainly something that Microsoft has managed to excel at.

In the form of Photosynth, though, they’ve created some seriously useful software that is free. Photo editing and manipulation software isn’t that easy to get hold of unless you’ve got the cash to throw around that would probably buy you a new camera in most cases (and many of them come with some form of free software).

Photosynth, which includes an Internet based element and a desktop based section, enables you to take multiple pictures and then put them together in one image. It’s not only useful for panoramic effects ether and by taking pictures of an object from different angles it should be feasible that you can put a 3d image together, although the simplicity of that process remains to be seen because we’re guessing it isn’t going to be that easy.

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