WWDC 2008 Preview

Posted on Jun 8 2008 - 4:48pm by Richard Sharp

Apple WWDC 2008Next week sees the greatly anticipated Apple World Wide Developer Conference where there is expected to be a number of developments that will set the gadget world alight (like the announcement of the iPhone did). Techradar has included a preview of the WWDC including announcements that they, and many others, believe will be forthcoming.

Perhaps the most highly anticipated and expected of announcements is the release of a 3G iPhone. However, other eagerly anticipated news includes the release of details regarding third party applications. Steve Jobs is expected to invite the forerunners in third party application development onto stage on June 9th. This role call could include game developers EA and Nintendo as well as developers of application based software.

A large part of the WWDC is expected to concentrate on the synergistic relationship between the Mac and the iPhone and how this relationship will enable iPhone application developers to quickly and effectively develop applications for the Mac as well. This is because both systems use what is essentially the same operating system and those developers that take on the iPhone first will already have a lot of the knowledge required to develop new applications for the Mac range of computers.

There are many sessions planned for the WWDC that have not yet been released, and nobody is ever entirely sure what Steve Jobs will unveil during his keynote speech so keep your eyes peeled for more information over the course of the next few days.

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