XBox 360 To Be Cheaper Than Wii By The End Of This Week

Posted on Sep 17 2008 - 4:18am by Richard Sharp

Xbox 360 Price Drop ConfirmedMicrosoft has taken the most unusual step of confirming an upcoming price drop after a Tesco page was leaked to the press that shows Xbox 360 prices dropping below those of the Nintendo Wii for the first time. The savings are yet another price drop that will take the cost of the Arcade version will cost just £130, the Premium 60GB hard drive version will drop to £170 and the Elite 120GB hard drive version will cost just £230.

The cost of the arcade and premium versions will both be lower than the price of a Nintendo Wii at the end of this week when the price drops will come into force. The drops are equivalent to about £30 on each console – a very good price reduction in anybody’s eyes and especially in the eyes of those looking for the cheapest console.

The Xbox 360 is most certainly cheaper than its other main competitor, the PS3, which has continually been blighted by problems – the latest being yet another delay in the release of the Home software that was to attempt to rival the popularity of Xbox Live.

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