Xbox 360 wants to Wii

Posted on May 4 2009 - 3:27pm by Richard Sharp

Gossip reaches us that Microsoft are in a period of ‘Wii’ envy and are doing there best to tap into the success of the Wii console by developing their own version with whole body motion control. The development of the Xbox 360 with motion detector (if true) are pretty hush hush, but the rumour mill also indicates that there will be a camera and mic, which if true would eliminate the need for special hand controllers similar to the Wii. The rumoured new Xbox 360 with motion detector is believed to have a speial calibration process with the ability to track the players movements by the motion detector and so all punches, kicks, dives will be registered by the motion detecting tracker bar.

There has been an image doing the rounds that appears to show a sensor bar similar to the Wii and there is a suggestion that the details and prototype of the new Xbox 360 with motion detector will be released at the E3 Expo which takes place at the Los Angeles Convention Centre from 2nd June to 4th June 2009.

Of course as you would expect none of the gaming developers want to be left behind, and so Sony are also said to be not far behind with their version of a motion detector gaming console. There have also been rumours that Sony will be unveiling full details of their latest gaming baby at the E3 Expo. Whether this is all truth or fiction remains to be seen, however one thing is for sure there will be an awful lot of industry interest in this years E3 Expo and no doubt anyone who is anyone in the industry will want to be there to see for themselves what the big names have got in store for the gaming public.

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