Xbox 720 to come with Kinect 2 and AR glasses

Posted on Jun 19 2012 - 2:11am by Julius

Details about Microsoft’s next-generation video game console has been seen in an internal document that has been leaked and are now circulating online.

According to the 56-page document, which was dated in 2010, the next-gen Microsoft console, or Xbox 720, will feature “Kinect V2”, Blu-ray compatibility and some sort of augmented reality glasses. The supposed console will have a 2013 release window and can be bought at around $299.99.

The leaked document claims that Microsoft is working on its own augmented reality glasses called “Fortaleza”, but we won’t see it until 2014. The Xbox 720 will also have an “always on” functionality and it will have the ability to run games/apps at the same time.

The document also has references on the recently unveiled Smart Glass tech and are in alignment with information that have been obtained by journalists in the past.

“If it’s a fake it gets a lot right. It’s fabricated with good data, at least,” said Michael Gapper of Xbox World. “A surprising amount is credible. Certainly more than I’ve detailed in XBW. They got the AR specs right, for a start… Still, there’s a lot in there I know to be accurate that has, to my knowledge, gone unreported.”

The document has now been removed from Scribd at Microsoft legal counsel’s request.

Do you think Microsoft will unveil the new Xbox 720 at E3 next year?


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