Xbox Live IDs and passwords posted by hackers

Posted on Nov 10 2011 - 3:01am by Julius

In a similar incident that ravaged Sony’s PlayStation Network earlier this year, a list of usernames and their corresponding passwords of Xbox Live accounts, Microsoft’s gaming network, has been posted online.

According to tech news site PC Magazine, the software giant has downplayed the data dump, where 90 Xbox Live gamertags were posted on Microsoft said that it is only a “minor phishing incident,” not a big network breach, unlike what happened to the PlayStation Network.

“We do not have any evidence the Xbox Live service has been compromised. We take the security of our service seriously and work on an ongoing basis to improve it against evolving threats,” a Microsoft spokesperson said in a statement sent to the tech news site. “However, we are aware that phishing attackers will occasionally post small lists of victims on public channels, and we will work directly with the impacted members to resolve any unauthorized changes to their accounts.”

The company also recommended that users of the Xbox Live service follow its Account Security guidance, which is provided at

Earlier this year, Sony’s PlayStation Network suffered from a number of attacks from hackers that are believed to be part of the hack-attack group Anonymous. The attack took down the gaming service for weeks, rendering the company to resolve its security issues. The incident affected around 77 million accounts and cost Sony around $171 million.

Do you think this incident is the start of something bigger?


via: PC Magazine

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