Xbox One S Details and Review

Posted on Aug 16 2016 - 10:18pm by Robert

The release of a new Xbox model is pretty big news at any time. The release of the exciting new Xbox One S is definitely an event that it is worth taking some time to look at.

The most noticeable difference with older models is that this new console is sleek, white and smaller than ever before. The new Xbox look has already proved to be a hit, with many critics calling it more attractive and desirable than the older, chunkier models.

xbox one s

The connectivity is pretty much as same as on the Xbox One, although the presentation is a lot neater and more orderly than in the past. This means that you get the likes of USB, HDMI and network ports all in a nice, straight line.

One slight complaint some users may have is with the lack of a Kinect port. However, this can be rectified easily enough with a USB adapter.

The set up process is easy to follow and in a matter of minytes you will be ready to go, even if you hook up your Xbox One S to your home network. There is also an automatic update that will give you the new console’s 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray capability.

The UK price for the new Xbox is £349.99 and it is the 4K streaming that is a big part of the appeal. The increase in quality is noticeable when compared to older generations and once you sample it you simply won’t want to go back to the old style.

One of the other main features that is likely to get dedicated gamers thrilled is the massive 2TB hard drive. This actually translates as 1.6TB of usable space once the core files are taken into account.

This should still be more than enough for even the keenest of gamer to use.

Will you be buying an Xbox One S soon?

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