Yahoo And Intel Internet TV Partnership

Posted on Aug 21 2008 - 5:10am by Richard Sharp

TV WidgetsWidgets are almost everywhere you turn and if you stay still too long during the rotational process there’s a reasonable chance you’ll find a couple of your own new widgets. Thanks to Intel and Yahoo those widgets that we love so much on our blogs, desktops, and social networking sites, are going to be available to us while we site at home, relaxed and watching television.

Information will be displayed on a scrolling ticker tape display at the foot of the screen and this will include details and a summary for each of the sites you use. Because Yahoo’s involved, it’s reasonable to assume that flickr will be one of the first services to offer this functionality to the average home owner but it’s also reasonable to assume that the Americans will get first dibs.

This move between chip manufacturers Intel and search portal Yahoo is the first sign of truly Internet enabled televisions; a concept that has actually been promised now for some time. It looks finally like that dream is going to become a reality and it won’t be long before Intel is busy manufacturing the chips and Yahoo supplying the software.

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