Yo App Is Massively Popular but Has Security Issues

Posted on Jul 8 2014 - 9:02am by Robert

The new messaging app Yo has turned out to be an unexpected runaway success. Let’s face it; all it lets you do is send a message with the word “Yo”.

Despite the limited nature of the app, Yo has shot to the top of the app download charts and raised £600,000 in investment funds. However, it has now been found to have a serious security flaw in it.

The creator of Yo is called Or Arbel and he has confirmed that the app does presently have some “security issues”. In fact, it appears that a few college students discovered a loophole that allowed them to search for any Yo user’s phone number. Having done this, they texted the app’s founder and got a phone call back from him.

Same Problems As With Other Communication Apps


Through this design flaw, it would be possible to send spam or a push notification to any user of the app that the hacker chose. The same type of problem has been discovered in apps such as Snapchat and Tinder in recent months.

Arbel has confirmed that he is dealing with the security and that “some of the stuff has been fixed”, while the rest is being worked on.

Incredibly, the seemingly almost pointless app has gained a legion of followers, with apparently more than 4 million messages being sent up until now. It is billed as the “simplest and most efficient” communication tool around, as a single tap lets you send a Yo greeting, something that take over 10 taps to do on other communication apps. The app took only 8 hours to create but public and industry opinion is divided over its worth.

Have you tried sending a Yo to your friends yet?

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  1. Callum J July 11, 2014 at 8:10 am - Reply

    hahaha the best app ever! I hope the developers team fix the security issues soon.

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