Yoda Or Brian Blessed? – You Decide… On TomTom SatNav At Least

Posted on Aug 5 2010 - 11:39pm by Matt Jackson

TomTom SatNavs have helped lead the way (see what we did there?) for years and as well as offering clear turn by turn instructions and perhaps more importantly to those of us that have to regularly rely on the digital stars to guide us home, they even allow us to download new and more interesting skins and voices. Let’s be honest after a few turns the standard voice becomes dull (no offense to the original voic actor) and lifeless at best so downloading and using a new voice is a good way to add a little extra spark to your journey.

Homer Simpson was one of the first voices offered and he went down such a storm that several others have been added. Yoda is one of the more recent examples and his voice has been offered by voiceskins.com and Lucas Film so that you really can use the force to get you home.

The TomTom community is able to request voices and the most popular requests are usually filled. In fact, one Facebook group that was started several years ago, forgotten about, and then promoted with some vigour, has helped ensure that one of the boomiest, deepest, and most theatrical of all voices will soon be heard ringing frantically from car windows as drivers follow Brian Blessed’s directions home.

The actor, probably best known for his role in the film Flash Gordon, became the subject of a Facebook campaign led by Richard Gardner from Manchester. He initially started the group to have Blessed used as the TomTom voice in April 2008 but having forgotten about the group was surprised to learn that it had gathered 450 members in Feburary 2010. Several thousand members had soon joined the petition and Gardner approached TomTom.

Gardner was told that if he could raise 25,000 members of the group then TomTom would approach Blessed to start negotiations. With 25,772 members, the SatNav manufacturers have remained true to their word and Brian Blessed really will soon be showing you the way home (if you own a TomTom of course).

Who navigates you home?

Will you be downloading Yoda or Brian Blessed?

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