Your 5 Year Old Might Get An iPad Before You Do… As An Education Aid Obviously

Posted on Sep 2 2010 - 12:48pm by Matt Jackson

Not all of us have been lucky enough to enjoy the benefits of owning an iPad, unless we work for Leicester council of course in which case we’ve been given one to aid us in our daily duties. There’s also a chance that your 5 year old kid who is unlikely to be able to read this article fully has been given one by their school to make life easier for everybody.

Cedars School of Excellence (sounds like the school in X-Men) in Greenock, Scotland, has made the unique move to give every one of its 105 pupils an Apple iPad so that they don’t have to trouble their brimming minds with remembering to take pen and paper to school with them. It will also remove the need to have science teachers in classrooms and will give kids the perfect excuse to skip school and stay home playing games online.

Apparently, according to the school’s IT teacher (we had green screen BBCs in our school so this story does grate a little) they carried out extensive research to determine the most beneficial equipment to give kids in order to make learning more effective.¬†Fraser Speirs went on to say that it wouldn’t just remove the need for traditional items like pens but it would also mean that science experiments considered too dangerous to conduct in the classroom could be watched on YouTube (we had a TV and video, I seem to remember it doing largely the same thing).

You would imagine there’s going to be a mass of website restrictions placed on the computer but as most 5 year olds are probably more tech and Internet savvy than their parents and probably teachers it’s unlikely this will stop them hitting the sites they want to.

Did you get anything as ludicrously cool as an iPad to help your education?

Will an iPad benefit a 5 year old’s education?

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