Your Own Sea Scooter For Under £100

Posted on Aug 2 2008 - 1:21am by Richard Sharp

Reef Rider Sea ScooterIf you enjoy swimming with the fishes or you just have a particularly large bath and require assistance finding the soap, then the Reef Rider SeaScooter is the perfect vessel for you. Because it’s basically just a scaled down version of the Sea-Doo sea scooters it is a highly effective machine delivering speeds of approx 2.2mph and because it is very lightweight and easy to handle it can be used to dive up to depths of 3m.

The rechargeable device needs to be plugged into the mains to refill it with juice and a full charge will give you approximately 50 minutes of James Bond style underwater goodness. Perhaps the most noteable thing about the SeaScooter from Reef Rider though is the light price tag because you can pick one up at IWOOT for less than £100.

It really does look like something out of a James Bond or Tomb Raider film and the combination of great looking design with lightweight but safe form makes it an unusual piece of kit. It’s been difficult to find an affordable and usable sea scooter (so I’m told anyway) until now.

Safety features include an auto cut off mechanism and a protective grille over the propellors.

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