Zoku Quick Pop Maker review

Posted on Jul 26 2010 - 2:14pm by Rob

Some phrases I have always wanted to say and possibly never will.

“Follow that taxi” (to a stunned NY cabbie whose cab I have just entered in by shouldering out an overweight businessman)

“Tell the Koreans it’s 4 billion or there’s no deal” (to be delivered into a mobile phone on a crowded train)

“I’ll just nip off and make some ice lollies”

Alright, so I’ve never actually harboured a life long dream of saying the last one, but the Zoku quick pop maker still sounds like a good idea. They look amazingly cool (sorry couldn’t resist) even before you make any ice lollies.


It’s a sturdy box which you freeze. You then stick the pre-lollies into the three ice lolly shaped slots. You get 6 sticks with it, so losing three of them down the back of the sofa is an option open to you.

Notable Specifications

It makes ice lollies. What more does anyone need to know? Ok, it takes around 8 minutes to do its stuff and the fact that the thing isn’t tucked in your freezer means you can freeze a little, put a different flavour in and build a layered lolly treat. You can probably get around 8 or 9 sets of lollies done before you need to refreeze the box, unless you live in Ecuatorial Guinea that is.


Does £40 sound reasonable for some ice lolly making fun? To some probably not but when you consider you can use the Zoku time and time again it is good investment. The quick pop is robust and should last a long time so long as you don’t step on it or melt it!


This is a nice little gadget which you and the kids will enjoy using. A hot summer’s day can turn into a refreshing afternoon of fun with the Zoku quick pop maker. And as with most gadgets, it is a great talking point or a thing to show off to your mates when they come around for the afternoon 🙂

Get it from – Firebox | Prezzy Box |

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