10 Things You Need to Know about iOS 5

Posted on Jun 12 2011 - 4:23pm by Robert

The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference was the place where we finally found out all about the Apple iOS 5. Now this page is where you will find out about it. That’s just how the world works these days.

iOS 5 on iPad, iPhone and ipod

When will it be available?

If you are American then fall 2011. If you are Australian spring 2011 and if you are British autumn 2011. Hold on, aren’t they all the same?

What will it work with?

The new iPhone, of course. The release date of the iPhone 5 should coincide with the launch of iOS 5, although some industry analysts think the phone might come out first. Apart from this it will work with the iPhone 4 and 3GS, both generations of the iPad and the 3rd and 4th generation of the iPod.

Do I still need my PC?

Maybe not. The cable has been well and truly cut. OS updates, activation and the creation and deletion of iOS calendars and mailboxes are some of the things which no longer need the input of a PC. Speaking of the updates, you now only get what you need and not the whole shooting match. The automatic syncing with iCloud also means that everything you store is going to be automatically brought up to date. Is your PC going to start to gather a pile of dust on it now?

What is iMessage all about?

This is a messaging service which can be used across the OS and seems to be best suited to the iPad and iPod machines. You can send videos, pictures or contacts as well as start up group messages. It works with both 3GS and Wi-Fi and includes real time notifications.

Is the Newsstand any good?

If you like reading newspapers and magazines then this could turn into your favourite feature on the Apple iOS5. You can subscribe to your favourite and the virtual Apple paperboy will deliver them to your device while you are sleeping.

Is Twitter going to be on it?

Indeed it is. iPhone tweeting is now going to become a big feature. It is actually pretty omnipresent on the system and any app can be integrated with it once you log in on the Settings menu.

What about Safari?

The Apple iOS5 version of Safari has a new reading mode which makes scrolling easier and more intuitive. The Reading List option should be good for procrastinators and the improved speed should be good for everyone.

Any advances with the camera?

The camera is now easier to access. You can take snaps using the volume control and there is new photo editing capability which will let you crop, remove red eye and improve your photos. A grid will maybe help you take better pictures as well.

Have notifications been improved?

The push notification centre can be accessed with a swipe and this idea got a warm reception at the presentation. They will all be added here as they arrive, waiting for you to read them at your leisure.

Anything else?

Reminders, mail and the game centre are among the other major improvements on the Apple iOS 5.

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